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The purpose and mission of Zurich Publishing is to bring forth historic and present-day literature relevant to the Church's great task to advance Christ's rule and kingdom in the earth.

Our Work

We are presently engaged in the development of various historic and modern books. Our specific publishing calling and emphasis is in the following spheres:
  • Reformation History
  • Works of Pierre Viret
  • Biblical Law
  • Theology of the State
  • Role of the Civil Magistrates
  • Christ’s Rule and Dominion

Why Zurich?
Zurich, the beautiful city on the Limmat River in German Switzerland, under the leadership of Ulrich Zwingli, became the first Reformed city during the early days of the Protestant Reformation. Through Zwingli’s preaching at the Great Minster (Gross Munster), the Reformation was embraced by the people of Zurich in 1523, and quickly spread to Basel and the key city of Bern. Within a decade, the Protestant Reformation reached French Switzerland, and was established in the Reformed churches of Geneva, Lausanne, and Neuchatel.
From Switzerland, the comprehensive Biblical message of the Reformed faith flourished throughout much of central Europe and the British Isles. The Swiss Reformers gave the Church its theological depth and resounding influence that we at Zurich Publishing seek to help restore.
About the Logo

Zurich’s logo is drawn from the Great Minster cathedral (built in 1230), Zurich’s most prominent Reformed church. The drawing represents the Minster’s appearance at the time of the Reformation before its steeples were destroyed by fire. In 1763, the steeples were rebuilt with the cathedral’s present gothic towers. Zurich’s Great Minster was the first Reformed church of the Protestant Reformed faith.
The symbolism of the Great Minster cathedral is significant. As the Minster steeples tower over Zurich, casting their historic shadow of influence, so also did the Swiss Reformation cast its great sixteenth- century, nation-changing impact upon Switzerland, much of Europe, and America.
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