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In A New Day of Small Beginnings, Pierre Courthial paints on an expansive canvas the truths and history of Christianity from creation to the present. His interpretation of history is written from the perspective of a sovereign and personal God overseeing His covenantal plan—a design that remains unthwarted through the ages. From a heavenly panorama he presents a clear image of history from antiquity to the deification of the modern state.


Courthial writes with two major themes. First, he boldly declares that in its two millennia, the Church has established four grand dogmas, with the fifth not yet established. The accepted dogmas are the orthodox doctrines of the Holy Trinity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith, and the authority of Holy Scripture. The fifth dogma, yet to be established, is the theonomic dogma, which states that man in every aspect of his life finds himself placed under the authority of divine Law.


His second theme traces the providential hand of God, which weaves His purpose through history in anticipation of the earthly victory of Christ's kingdom over the idolatrous forces of humanism.

Hardcover, (363 pages)



"Pierre Courthial was the eminent French Reformed thinker of the twentieth century. This powerful book is a manifesto for what he loved to call a re-formation, that is, a new beginning based on the old truths. It boldly asserts that the Holy Scripture has for our time, as it had for times past, everything we need for the recovery of a God-centered worldview, asserting the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of life. The message is far better than optimistic; it is hopeful."


- Dr. William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia


"Courthial's A New Day of Small Beginnings, a call for awakening addressed to the universal Church from a French context, is one of the most important theological works in the second half of the twentieth century."


- Dr. Paul Wells, Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology and former Dean of the Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence


"Pierre Courthial's remarkable and thought-provoking study of the Law and the Gospel within a covenantal setting is prophetic and has far-reaching consequences. Looking backward, it offers vital theological clues to a proper understanding of the history and development of the Christian Church. Looking forward, it opens the way, in these times of crisis, darkness and anguish, to nothing less than the lasting renaissance of the Christian faith in every aspect of human life."


- Pierre Berthoud, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament and former Dean of the Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence


"I will put myself on the line to say that this book should prove to be a highly significant book in the Church for the next 50 years."


- Dr. Douglas Kelly, Richard Jordan Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte


"What a pleasure it was for me, an Englishman, to work in France alongside a giant in the faith, Pierre Courthial who was my academic dean at the John Calvin Institute for many years. In this book you will discover, as I did, the depth of his biblical and theological thinking in the tradition of John Calvin, Pierre  Viret, and August Lecerf and his optimism in the future health of biblical orthodoxy in his beloved land."


- Dr. Peter Jones, Executive Director, truthXchange


“I agree with Paul Wells, A New Day of Small Beginnings ‘is one of the greatest books I have ever read.’”

- G. I. Williamson

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