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A New Day of Small Beginnings

A New Day of Small Beginnings


Hardcover, 363 pages


In A New Day of Small Beginnings, Pierre Courthial paints on an expansive canvas the truths and history of Christianity from creation to the present. His interpretation of history is written from the perspective of a sovereign and personal God overseeing His covenantal plan—a design that remains unthwarted through the ages.

Courthial writes with two major themes. First, he boldly declares that in its two millennia, the Church has established four grand dogmas, with the fifth not yet established. The accepted dogmas are the orthodox doctrines of the Holy Trinity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith, and the authority of Holy Scripture. The fifth dogma is the theonomic dogma, which states that man in every aspect of his life find himself placed under the authority of divine Law. His second theme traces the providential hand of God, which weaves His purpose through history in anticipation of the earthly victory of Christ's kingdom.

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