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Molly Orr

Mrs. Molly Orr, née Anderson, began her collegiate studies in French at the age of 16, while still a junior in high school, with Dr. Joe Johnson at Clayton State University, and continued them at Mercer University, graduating from Mercer at age 20 with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature. Also at age 20, after having fulfilled her degree requirements she completed and received highest marks for an advanced language summer course at L’Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France.


Her French awards and accolades from Mercer University include departmental honors for an independent study and thesis completed under the direction of accomplished translator Dr. John Marson Dunaway; a letter of commendation from Mercer Provost Wallace L Daniel for her presentation at the invitational 2010 Undergraduate Research Symposium of an abbreviated version of her thesis dealing with the philosophies of Montaigne and John Calvin and arguing from 16th-century French primary sources; and the 2010 Connie Byrd Award for Excellence in French.


While a current translator for Zurich Publishing, Mrs. Orr is a full-time military wife to her husband Stewart and a full-time mother to her little daughter Lela and small son Will.

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